Pushing Out Fear…

Fear, it creeps in and threatens to cover like a heavy fog.  Fear of the unknown, the uncomfortable, the uncertain.  And the only way to combat the consuming fear is to intentionally whisper the thanks.  All day long.  Every day.  To combat the clouds outside that start to overwhelm the inside, a constant listing of the tangible gifts to push away the fear of the intangible, the unseen.

2483.  an afternoon with Chef Ruth, eight meals stacked in my freezer

2484.  a Thursday to be home all day

2485. naming the enemy out loud, in prayer

2486.  peace in our home

2487.  sunny and 70*

2488.  a day to go slow and be productive

2489.  windows open, fresh air blowing in

2490.   86* in March – yes!

2491.  bare legs and sunshine

2492.  choir and art and awards ceremonies

2493.  catching up on so much with my beloved

2494.  allergies – knowing spring is coming even though snow is forecasted

2495.  long talks with my big girls, learning more about their hearts

2496.  that they still want us in their world; that window still open

2497.  choir spring concert – incredible talent and leadership; a beautiful evening of music

2498.  nearly a month’s supply of groceries bought

2499.  girls who encourage and help me put them all away

2500.  Haiti girl turning six

2501.  a Visa for our Haiti girl – what a birthday!

2502.  Maacs over for another year

2503.  art ribbons and beautiful music

2504.  third-born’s brave speech – eager to try again

2505.  time to catch up a little with a dear friend

2506.  friends taking girls to the Passion Play, us on one last date for a while

2507.  craft room cleaned out, organized; a place I’d actually want to craft something now!

2508.  a bathroom sink

2509.  husband who spends his Saturday serving his family

2510.  two more sleeps….

2511.  being covered in prayer and encouraged by so many

2512.  three hours of sleep

2513.  a venti caramel mocha

2514.  traveling with my favorite

2515.  delayed flight

2516.  arriving in the dark, her smile lighting up the compound

2517.  meeting her birth parents

2518.  her joy as she realized she was really coming home with us

2519.  Pastor Daniel’s prayer over us

2520.  an unbelievable Good Friday

2521.  watching her mix in seamlessly with her sisters

2522.  a party to welcome her home; her staying close to my side

2523.  introducing her to so many that have prayed her home

2524.  Resurrection Sunday – an empty tomb, death defeated

2525.  three quiet hours in my bedroom – much-needed rest

2526.  back to the school routine

2527.  her just fitting in so well

2528.  calling “mama” to get my attention

2529.  nodding “yes” to a hug from Matt

2530.  a week of inside hard

2531.  a loneliness that turns to God

2532.  an encouraging note that makes one strong

2533.  laughter and sunshine and being together

2534.  the gift of meals in the freezer

2535.  an overwhelming homesickness – signs of healthy emotions

2536.  prayers – countless prayers; love and support from so many

2537.  her eating food; a whole new child by Friday

2538.  all the girls laughing

2539.  kitchen dates

2540.  just talking with my mama

2541.  long talks with my girls

2542.  swimming

2543.  early morning walks

2544.  winter that just won’t end – this too a gift

2545.  sunshine

2546.  garage sales

2547.  date night – glorious date night!

2548.  happy girls

2549.  chips and salsa on a Sunday night

2550.  Jason Gray playing on repeat

2551.  time with my Jesus

For His Glory ~



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