What Will Your Verse Be…..

I don’t normally post, comment, or react much to news from Hollywood, but tonight the interwebs and social media are filled with stories of Robin Williams’ death and memories of his life.  And my own heart feels heavy from the loss.  He was wildly funny, unpredictable, talented, gifted even – and we knew he had to be broken on the inside.  Those that make the world laugh hardest are often the most broken.  But his humor was redeeming, his stories resonated, his characters were so human and so real.  He inspired us.  He challenged us.  He made us laugh and cry and laugh until we cried.

And as someone who has been there, who has wanted to just give up and not have to hurt any more, my heart breaks for Robin and his family.  The world lost a great comedian today.  His family lost a husband, a father, a friend.  And an awareness has been restored to depression and bipolar disorder – the need to reach out, to offer help, to give hope to the hopeless.

Oh, there is so much hurt in the world tonight.  The death of an actor is but one of many losses in a world riddled with headlines of chaos and fear and death and we all need so much hope and courage just to face the day.

Lord, the world is aching tonight.  Hold us close.  We only get so many turns around this great sun.  May we use the time You give us to share Your love and news of Your endless mercy and goodness.

(a clip from one of my very favorite movies “Dead Poets Society”; scroll to the bottom to mute the music before watching)

For His Glory ~



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