This beauty turned nine yesterday.

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Seems hard to believe the baby of our bio girls is going to be double-digits in just a year.  Ellie is our resident book worm.  She’s also our resident “messy”.  Pictures like this next one embody the (tidied up by mom) path she leaves behind in every room.

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Reading, piano, ballet, and drama (the organic kind, not a class) define her life right now.  Whatever she feels, she feels it strongly and she doesn’t experience much of the in-between.  She remains my primary snuggler and the one most eager to do school.  She can talk more than all of our other girls combined and may be the reason this blog is titled what it is, but she is definitely one of my five favorite girls in the world.  I’m thankful for the gift of this girl’s life and the blessing it is to be her mama.

For His Glory ~




I steal a quiet moment between batches of rolls rising (all ten dozen of them) and reflect on the no-longer youngest and her birth eight years ago on Thanksgiving and her birthday celebrated over the weekend.

Smart and funny.  Knows nothing of personal space.  🙂  Loving and kind and full of drama and life.  Has more words than the rest of the family put together, I think.  May or may not have been compared to Buddy the Elf recently, for numerous reasons.  Loves Jesus and others deeply and wears her heart on her sleeve.

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What a joy, though it has not been easy, to watch her grow into a big sister this year.  I am blessed to watch her slowly become the young lady God created her to be.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friends!

For His Glory ~



So I realized that in my funk I missed posting about a couple of birthdays.  Trying to remedy that before Christmas.  🙂

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She’s funny and sweet and bright and witty.  She has energy and drama to spare. She loves everyone and still loves her blanket.  Some days she’s seven going on seventeen and others she’s seven going on four.  But, oh, she’s a gift.  She has brought abundant laughter to our family.  She has taught us all to be a little more flexible and patient.  She is caring and compassionate and loves Jesus.

Happy (belated) birthday, sweet Ellie.  Praying this next year brings less tears, just as many laughs, and more loving your Savior.

Love, Mama

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Day 3

November 3 – The old “Crapberry” and my sensitive child….

I’m thankful for the horrible phone with the blotchy screen that allows unlimited contact with my beloved in Haiti….

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And for this particularly emotional child – whatever she feels, she feels it passionately, and she is my only one who cries at sad movies. Tonight it was deep, sorrowful tears after watching Hachi (for the second time – so she knew how it ended!). Pitiful.

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Today was a good day with the girls entertaining themselves while I knocked out some over-due projects here at home and tonight we enjoyed breakfast for dinner followed by the tear-jerker movie Hachi.  I’m also planning to enjoy the extra hour of sleep we get with DST ending!  Woot!

May your Sunday be filled with worship and rest and glorifying the King!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara

Week in Review

What a week of blessings this has been.  The past few days have seemed a far cry from some of the struggles that prompted Monday and Tuesday’s posts.  Oh, those things remain, but what a wonder a change of pace and the excitement of seeing family will bring!

A week of school and baking, a birthday celebration and the giving of thanks, some Black Friday shopping and card playing with friends, a bike ride and some home maintenance.  It’s been a great week.  My mind is rolling around with ideas for December.  I’m looking forward to the coming weeks.

Have a great rest of your weekend, friends!

~ Sara

A Six Year Old Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!  On this day of focused thanks, I am particularly thankful for this little girl –

Born six years ago, on Thanksgiving day, Miss Ellie has provided an abundance of snuggles and memorable moments.  She keeps us in stitches with her innate ability to craft words.  She knows only two states of mind: On Top of the World and The World is Ending.  She has been the “baby of the family” longer than anyone else but cannot wait to have her younger sister come home.  She is frustrating, delightful, emotional, funny, a quick thinker, ridiculously silly, and incredibly bright.  She loves others and loves Jesus.  And we love her.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ellie!  We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!




More From the Ellie (and Emma) Chronicles

As is often the case, a couple of these stories are old hat to our Facebook friends, but they must be recorded for posterity.

While trick-or-treating through the neighborhood on Halloween, Matt and the girls approach the home of one of our neighbors.  They are a couple about my parents’ age and they are hosting two exchange students this year.  As one of the foreign girls opens the door, Ellie declares, “Oh look!  It’s the maid!”

Another time recently, Ellie and her sisters had destroyed their room.  Their consequence was to get up early before Friday classes to clean it up so that they could go skating after classes that afternoon.  At 4 a.m., as Matt and I were getting up, we hear a door open down the hall and little feet shuffling toward us.  Ellie comes in all squinty-eyed with her blanket up by her face and groans, “I can’t clean.  It’s too dark!”

Lastly, we were out to dinner recently as a family.  We were trying to broaden the girls’ horizons a bit, so we opted for a Chinese restaurant for dinner instead of our standard Mexican fare.  Emma had gone to use the restroom and was gone a ridiculously long time.  The bathroom was just a few feet from our table and it was a “one holer”, so to speak, so I was confident nothing questionable was going on.  Another woman was waiting outside the door for her chance to use the bathroom so I send another child to tell Emma to hurry up.  She finally joins us back at the table going on and on about this (very normal) bathroom.  After her lengthy description of all its details she looks at her hands and exclaims, “Wait!  Why did I wash my hands?  I didn’t even go!” and then excuses herself to go do what she forgot to do the first time.  🙂

Life is never boring!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara

Washed Clean

Last night we watched and we cheered and we cried as fifty-eight believers made public their faith and dying to death, rose to new life.  Young and old, new believers and those who had been walking with the Lord for decades, those who were stepping out in simple obedience and the one who gave up everything to follow Christ, led into the water by a pastor, friend, mentor.  And our youngest, led by her daddy in that first step of obedience to Christ’s commands, that first example He set for us.  Washed by the water, made new by the Spirit.

And we rejoice and give thanks for new life, eternal life, life abundant.  And for His unending grace.

1334.  bike helmets

1335.  a persevering five year old

1336.  open weekends

1337.  borrowed computer cords

1338.  allergies and puffs with lotion

1339.  fifty-eight believers proclaiming their faith

1340.  our youngest “raised to new life”

This challenge was posted by a cousin of mine on Facebook last night….

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

What would you be left with?  May your day, your week, your life be filled with thankfulness.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara

For Posterity

Matt took the youngest out to breakfast at the local farmer’s market this morning.  Ellie is never without something to say, and typically what comes out of her mouth is laugh out loud funny.  He posted these quotes to Facebook this morning, so if you’ve already seen them I apologize for the redundancy, but I haven’t done a good job of chronicling her humor lately and these are too good to forget…

I don't even know what this face is about.

  • “I don’t think I’ll ever go on a diet, but I might get fat and go on The Biggest Loser.”
  • “Dad, were you 1/2 bald when you were a kid?  ‘Cause you’re all the way bald now.”
  • “Dad, did you know that you are made out of atoms?  Your hat, your arms, your head….even your poop has atoms.”
  • “Dad, just ’cause we fight over them sometimes, does NOT mean Satan made balloons.”

What happens when Ellie dresses herself.

Happy Saturday, everyone!  May your day be laugh out loud funny too.

~ Sara

Photo Catch Ups

As I’ve been mentioning, I have photos languishing on my hard drive and SD card.  I have finally decided to start working my way through them.  Last night I worked on photos from Ellie’s 5th Birthday (November) and her birthday party.  Enjoy!

Her pre-birthday birthday celebration (since her actual birthday fell on the same night as a family Thanksgiving feast)….


And her Puppy Paw-ty (because dogs have paws, you know!).  Many thanks to a great friend for all her great ideas!!!

Table prepped for making "dog ears"

Puppy Ellie

Dog house sign welcoming guests to the "paw-ty"

Grace turning Merikate into a puppy with the help of an eyeliner pencil

Making ears

Misbehaving camera wouldn't take a clear shot; this was the best I could get of the whole group.

Table now prepped for making "pupcakes"

Our options; sorry, girls, no white frosting = no white puppy. 😛

Making the pupcakes

Camryn showing off her handi-work

A sampling of some of the creations

Grace's pupcakes

Uh, the pupcakes were harder to make than they looked in the picture. This is what happened to one child's pupcake.

Emma's creations

Where Ellie most likes to be - the center of attention. 😉

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!

~ Sara