Photo Catch Ups

As I’ve been mentioning, I have photos languishing on my hard drive and SD card.  I have finally decided to start working my way through them.  Last night I worked on photos from Ellie’s 5th Birthday (November) and her birthday party.  Enjoy!

Her pre-birthday birthday celebration (since her actual birthday fell on the same night as a family Thanksgiving feast)….


And her Puppy Paw-ty (because dogs have paws, you know!).  Many thanks to a great friend for all her great ideas!!!

Table prepped for making "dog ears"

Puppy Ellie

Dog house sign welcoming guests to the "paw-ty"

Grace turning Merikate into a puppy with the help of an eyeliner pencil

Making ears

Misbehaving camera wouldn't take a clear shot; this was the best I could get of the whole group.

Table now prepped for making "pupcakes"

Our options; sorry, girls, no white frosting = no white puppy. 😛

Making the pupcakes

Camryn showing off her handi-work

A sampling of some of the creations

Grace's pupcakes

Uh, the pupcakes were harder to make than they looked in the picture. This is what happened to one child's pupcake.

Emma's creations

Where Ellie most likes to be - the center of attention. 😉

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!

~ Sara


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