Multitude Monday….

After a sleepless Sunday night and a Monday morning of four very distracted students, I reflect on quotes that have carried me through the past few days…..

  • Sorrows come to stretch out spaces in the heart for joy. ~ Streams in the Desert, January 18
  • The moment we receive anything from the Lord worth fighting for, the Devil comes seeking to destroy us. ~ Streams in the Desert, January 21
  • We often wish that God would do some great thing in the world, and we look far and wide for just the right places and people.  We must not forget to ask the Lord to make use of us, and to believe that our home might become the central point from which streams of blessing would flow forth. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

I reflect, and I give thanks. The reflection centers me, draws me back to truth. The thanks-giving takes my tired eyes off me and allows me to look up to the One who gives all gifts. He is good.

1046.  three days to go nowhere

1047.  fine arts competition

1048.  first place

1049.  second place

1050.  best of show!

1051.  Sunday school after-Christmas party

1052.  lost camera

1053.  found camera!

1054.  sacrificially generous five year old

1055.  real pointe shoes

1056.  more snow

1057.  the quiet stillness the follows the snowfall

1058.  borrowed four wheel drive

1059.  him all packed and ready

1060.  safe travels

1061.  texts and photos from Haiti

1062.  days and evenings that do not go as planned

1063.  being flexible

1064.  child’s very first game basket

1065.  “best offense” award

1066.  her confidence building

1067.  family night courtesy of Daddy

1068.  knowing that we worship together before the throne, even though we are separated by 2000 plus miles

1069. hearing his voice

1070.  knowing God holds it all in His hands

May every moment be filled with thanks….for His glory ~

~ Sara


* there are still so many photos that sit, waiting to be edited and shared….perhaps this week that will happen….for now, photos from my husband’s phone as he serves in Haiti.


2 thoughts on “Multitude Monday….

  1. I love that Charles Spurgeon quote! Jim used that yesterday in his sermon right? It’s funny how God reminds us multiple times, my online devotion from David Jeremiah this morning was about hospitality and “house evangelism” Adam and I want that for our house!

  2. Yes, it is from Jim’s sermon notes. I loved it…and I love how God uses it to minister to us in different ways. You view it through the lens of hospitality; I view it through the lens of what Matt is experiencing and what God may have in store for our future and how it all begins here at home. Our God is so amazing in His attention to our individual hearts!

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