Colorado Family Trip, Day 1

A few weeks ago, we took a four day road trip to Colorado Springs for an extended family adventure with my in-laws.  Here are the first  couple of days in pictures….

Logically, let’s start with day 1 of our Griswald style family  vacation (no, I’m not  trying to steal that line from the Pioneer  Woman…there were some aspects of this little trip that gave a definite Cousin Eddie vibe,  although those pictures may not make today’s  post…):

First  stop:  Garden of the Gods – one  of the coolest places on  earth

Not a big fan of being stuck on that rock.

It was windy. I think he's trying to keep her from blowing away.

Again with the wind!

Ahhhh....Balanced Rock - one of our favorites!

I was fascinated by the exposed root structures on the trees....

There's one child....

Ah! There's the rest of them! 🙂

They appear to be backing away from the edge....

That's my whole heart wandering around up on that rock.

I don't imagine this guy enjoyed his visit to Garden of the Gods as much as we did.

Driving through the night does weird things to your perception of time.  I don’t remember what all else we did that day.  Perhaps swim in the non-heated heated swimming pool?  We enjoyed dinner on the patio at Amanda’s Fonda.  Then we went back to the cabin and tried to get kids to sleep.  Finally, around 10, I think we were successful.  And Matt and I, in our delirium, stumbled into bed ourselves.


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