Counting the Uncountable Blessings

It’s Monday again.  The children still sleep.  The dog shifts her weight on the wood floor of the kitchen.  God’s word fills my head and coffee is flowing through the bloodstream.  It’s time to count the countless blessings of the past week.

0556. my husband,  my love

0557.  the first fireflies

0558.  little girls’ homemade plays and parades

0559.  six year old’s poison ivy

0560.  clutter

0561.  the ability to run and care for my body

0562.  Summer Fun Lists

0563.  a clean house

00564.  swimming beaches

0565.  leeches?!

0566.  monte cristo hot dogs

0567.  unexpected opportunities to discuss the facts of life

0568.  a God with big ears

0569.  “Children obey your parents in the north”

0570.  symphony in the flint hills

0571.  a beloved annual event

0572.  laughter with friends

0573.  father-in-law birthday

0574.  the tenth girl grandbaby

0575.  God’s glory in a midnight storm

0576.  small group fellowship

0577.  sweet friends

0578.  kid fun runs

0579.  safety while sleeping through tornado sirens

What about you?  What are you thankful for today?


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