Quotable and Not So Much

Ellie keeps us in stitches around here.  Most often, unintentionally…..

Yesterday, we were driving along and she says, “Mommy, I’m feeling too scrawny to use words today.”


Recently, I was putting her to bed and she asks, “Mommy, can God hear all the peoples’ prayers?”  I answered, “Yes, Ellie, He can.”  She pondered that for a few moments, then asked, “Does He have bigger ears than us?”


Her quotability has been hampered the past 24 hours.  You see, she screamed – and I mean sca-reamed – through her first swim lesson yesterday.  For the entire thirty minutes.  I was such a proud mama.  *sigh*  Well, she gave her vocal cords such a work out that her normally raspy voice just up and disappeared along about yesterday afternoon.  She’s still pretty hoarse and I just chuckle every time she tries to talk.  And occasionally I remind her about why she has no voice.

She did much much better today at lessons.  There was a little weeping because last week’s three digit temps have given way to more seasonal, 80 degree, temps, so it’s a tad chilly at 9 am if you’re soaking wet and sitting on the side of the pool.  And there was one small meltdown over her order in line when doing kneeling dives.  And then there was the jumping off the board – when the assistant was out of the water ready to “help” her in before my child finally decided to jump.  Not so much crying, she just wasn’t moving.  Okay, she still has some work to do.  But at least there wasn’t any screaming.  🙂


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