Thank you all for your grace last week.  I had a yard sale last week and you know how that goes….between the prep for that and daily life, there wasn’t room for everything.  And when the choice is between neglecting the blog or neglecting the kids…well, sorry blogosphere.  😉

Today I write, not with any great eloquence or depth, but in an effort to resume the habit.  Because I’ve learned that, at least for me, writing brings more writing.  So, even though I don’t necessarily feel like writing tonight, I will.  And I will count the blessings of the past couple of weeks.

And this is a no-photo post, as the camera hasn’t left the shelf in over a week.  😛  But I suppose it’s not about the pictures….it’s about remembering the blessings that have come from His hand…..

0674.  Monday at home

0675.  all day pajamas

0676.  re-arranging furniture

0677.  friends who are good at that

0678.  brother-in-law’s strong back

0679.  dinner with a really great couple

0680.  being flat out exhausted

0681.  vegging on the couch

0682.  new-to-us furniture

0683.  Grammy

0684.  bedtime prayers with children

0685.  Daddy’s silly songs

0686.  twelve years since our first date

0687.  friends at the swim beach

0688.  a real conversation

0689.  dinner with another great couple

0690.  unexpected friendship

0691.  eight hours of swimming

0692.  girls that sleep hard

0693.  pedicures

0694.  Barnes & Noble sales associate

0695.  eleven years of marriage

0696.  speaking each other’s love languages

0697.  Sabbath rest at home

0698.  running on a Monday

0699.  Camp Enosh

0700.  guitar lessons

0701.  internet repairs and faster connections!

0702.  new book case

0703.  husband’s help assembling it

0704.  school books stacked and shelved neatly

0705.  the promise of a new school year

0706.  profitable yard sale

0707.  the freedom of less stuff

0708.  mother-in-law taking the youngest two

0709.  mother cleaning my house for guests

0710.  gathering with friends

0711.  pool to ourselves

0712.  long Sunday afternoon nap

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. ~ I Thessalonians 5:18

What are you thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I join you in gratitude for marriages that go the distance, for a long Sunday afternoon out and for a mother in law who takes the youngest for a visit.

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