Random Wednesday….

….when I write about whatever pops into my head and throw in some pictures just for kicks.  Here we go….

Coco's First Parade

Lined up and ready for a parade!

  • I have a definite limit on how many days in a row I can leave my house and still function well.  I think I determined last week that that number is six.  If you ask me to leave for the seventh day in a row, a meltdown is likely to ensue.  Followed by gross schedule changes and hermit-like tendencies for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours.  I’m better now.

Ellie & Her Flag

An ironic encounter - skinny, hairless, too long legs meets fat, furry, too short legs.

  • Birthdays cause a whirlwind of energy in our home.  Of course, so does someone ringing the doorbell, the UPS man delivering a package, the phone ringing, the dog barking…  I live in a whirlwind of energy.  For a low-key, practically only-child, it’s exhausting.  This is why I drink so much coffee.

A firecracker in her own right

Standing for the Star Spangled Banner

  • I’m embellishing this post with pictures from July 4th because I haven’t posted them yet.  It’s my blog.  I can do that.  Even if it is August now.  🙂

Why would you do this to your dog?

Classic Americana

  • It’s been an amazingly hot summer.  I’m a hot weather girl, but even I am about ready to admit that I’m ready for some cooler weather.  I’m not admitting that yet, but I’m getting close.  Multiple days of temps at or near 100 with heat indices of 105-115 tests even the most avid warm-weather-lover.  It was actually hotter here yesterday than in Phoenix.  I’m holding fast to my view that this is still preferable to February weather, but I concede that it.is.hot.

Not only do I know him - I'm related to him. Yikes.

Nothing says "Americana" like the Ranchero with a blow-up Uncle Sam in back!

  • I’m not even sure why I buy grapes and apples in the summer.  Those “ordinary” fruits just can’t compete with the cantaloupe, blueberries, cherries, peaches, watermelon, and pineapple that reside in the fridge during the warmer months.  I feel kind of bad for them, especially when they rot and I watch myself throw all that money away.

Some American greatness

Our attempt at fireworks on a very WET July 4th evening.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


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