Week in Review

It’s been a normal (but busy!) week in our home.  We’ve picked back up with ballet schedules and I’ve run twice and not been able to sleep worth a darn.  Another week of school is in the books, so to speak, and the weekend awaits.  By the time you read this, I will be well on my way (Lord willing) to Chicago with our oldest daughter.  A mother-daughter getaway, a gift for her tenth birthday.  I look forward to uninterrupted conversations with her, this one who needs my love and words so she can learn to become a woman.  And I look forward to just getting to know her more and more.  She’s beautiful and amazing and I love the heart God is growing in her and the way she wants what He wants in her life.

Have a blessed weekend, friends.  I plan to see you on Monday and I cannot wait to count the blessings with you.

~ Sara


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