Week in Review

It’s Friday….can I hear a woot woot!?!?

Life rolls on like normal filled with grace and goodness and hard days when I seriously wonder if I can just run away.  We’re already here, to the third Friday in November, the Friday before Thanksgiving.  The holidays and all their crazy, busy, wonderfulness are coming fast.

Random Sidenote – As I’m sitting here trying to steal fifteen minutes to write today I am reminded of Law of Parenting #385 – Sit down at the computer and do something productive and it is guaranteed that all hell will break loose.  Or at the very least, a minimum of thirty-seven people will need your attention.  Immediately.  Even though you only have four people in your house at that time.  🙂

Back to the week…..I don’t recall anything outstanding about the week, other than trying to get the girls to take personal responsibility for their productivity during the school day.  So, a chart was made promising ice cream and toppings for each day that a child had her school work done on time.  It was successful.  Not everyone made it every day, but they started to see some consequences for all the goofing around that occurs.  We’ll continue with that a while longer, maybe upping the ante as the weeks go by.

Today the weather is beautiful and I wish I could be outside, but too much awaits here in the house.  But the girls have been outside reading for at least two hours.  I love the afternoons when we go to the library.  I’m thinking we need to make another trip early next week, before Thanksgiving break.  And then I need to hide the books until the weekend so that we can all enjoy some leisurely afternoons of reading.

Christmas decorations are (mostly) up.  😀

God has been up to something incredible again around here.  I’ll share about that on Monday, when I count His gifts.

Until then, have a glorious weekend!  May you find time to be with those you love most!

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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