After nearly a year of pain, a year without running, he goes to a doctor.  An MRI is order for the knee, a meniscus tear is assumed.  We are told to expect surgery.  We look at the seasons of his work and what this winter holds and wonder, Lord, how will we fit it all in?

He leaves on Thursday to drive two hours to the doctor and the MRI.  We pray that the tear is minor.

I receive a call in the dollar section of Target.  An injection.  No tear!  No surgery! And I am floored, amazed by how God gives, even when we don’t ask for it.  I am humbled by how, even with all He has been up to in our lives, we completely underestimated Him and His grace.

He gives because it pleases Him to do so.  He answers prayers we don’t even pray because it brings glory to His name.

I count the blessings to remind myself of His goodness, His unrelenting grace, His love.

0902.  not needing the furnace until November 13 and 17th – a new record in seven years!

0903.  no tearing!

0904.  cortisone injections

0905.  a God who answers prayers we’re not even bold enough to pray

0906.  stomach bugs

0907.  2 am

0908.  pizza with friends

0909.  Thanksgiving groceries stacked neatly in refrigerator, on shelves

0910.  a Christmas plan in place

May you find moments in each day this week to count the grace, to record the gifts, to glorify the Giver.  Give Him praise!

~ Sara


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