A Simple List

Because sometimes the gifts are too precious for endless, rambling words and thank you is all that needs to be said…

0931.  the chance to help a friend

0932.  when supper provides lunch

0933.  husband’s patience, encouragement

934.  qdoba delivery

0935.  a new day tomorrow

0936.  little projects completed

0937.  house clean and ready for Christmas

0938.  holiday open house

0939.  laughing with neighbors and friends

0940.  clean, clutter-free house on Monday morning

0941.  husband’s help getting it all ready

0942.  long talks in the car

0943.  book lights

0944.  relaxing

0945.  delightful birthday girl

0946.  better school days

0947.  the dreadmill on 15 degree mornings

0948.  no Friday classes

0949.  finishing CS Lewis

0950.  a puppy “paw”ty

0951.  my kids’ friends

0952.  two pages of party ideas and a very creative friend

0953.  oldest child whose brain works more like her dad’s than like mine

0954.  Christmas light show at church

0955.  finally!  the day of the company Christmas party

0956.  seeing signs of maturity in the second born

0957.  an afternoon with my beloved

0958.  celebrating God’s abundant blessing

0959.  snow

0960.  finding the lost Mexico pictures

0961.  six more days of school

I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among the throngs I will praise you!

~ Psalm 35:18


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