Time and Balance Tuesday

Today’s post really has nothing to do with either time or balance, but it has the potential to be really fun.  🙂

In the spirit of Christmas, and because I just spent an hour and a half locked in my bedroom wrapping gifts, my tip this week is to torment your children by not putting names on any of the gifts under the Christmas tree.  Bwahahaha!!!

Our kids are going nuts.  It’s going to be a fun ten days!

So, how are you keeping your sanity during this busy season?

For His Glory ~

~ Sara



3 thoughts on “Time and Balance Tuesday

  1. keeping my sanity? clearly i have already lost it… i will let you know if i find it. 🙂 love the idea of not putting their names on it. Ha! as for me and the destructive 2 year old living in the house… our gifts are not going out until the late hours of the 24th!!!

  2. You know I love this! 🙂

    I’m attempting to keep my sanity during this season by scheduling the work part of the holiday in the first half of the month while school is still in session. So that when we get to our break, it will truly be a break, and not me THEN trying to jam in all the shopping, wrapping, etc. We’ll see how it works. 🙂 I have high hopes.

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