Monday Evening

Every day is a gift, but some days just have a distinctive feel. Today was that way.

Snow fell soft through the night and we woke to several inches of white wonder. Activities were canceled all across town, promising a day at home. With a short to do list and no where to go, it was a day to slow a bit and feel the beauty of winter.

And tonight we sit, all together, in the living room, a rare treat of relaxing together on a weeknight. My heart is warmed by the blessing of this day.

1018. January sunshine

1019. 30 Day Shred

1020. Do Hard Things

1021. first day back at school

1022. a wonderful first week back at school

1023. a changed second born

1024. remote computer access

1025. sunset at ballet

1026. grocery shopping on Thursday night

1027. smoothies every day

1028. Google Reader on my phone

1029. new tires for the Sequoia

1030. a delightful week of school

1031. the return of Friday classes

1032. skating

1033. first Upward basketball game

1034. marking items off the to-do list, even if it is ever-so-slowly

1035.  dinner with friends

1036.  church and Sunday school

1037.  small group gatherings

1038.  prayers whispered at my child’s door

1039.  SNOW!!!

1040.  an easy finish after a rough start

1041.  “snow cones”

1042.  children playing outside

1043.  hot soup in the crock pot

1044.  canceled activities

1045.  a quiet night at home

Praying your Monday was filled with the beauty of winter and that your week is filled with joy!

~ Sara


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