Second Chances

It happens nearly every time and so I shouldn’t be surprised by it and yet it never fails to catch me off guard.  The promise of a day off, plans to enjoy time together, relaxing, fellowshipping as family and the Enemy he wastes no time in inserting himself and turning it all upside down.

All week we have waited for today.  I had scheduled off Valentine’s Day in our school year, but with the promise of 70+ degrees on Thursday, we held off.  A day to sleep in a bit and then be outside, we long for the feel of the warm, moist air on our faces, arms.

But within moments of being up, the bickering begins.  Trivial annoyances, whining, and oh why today?  They go outside and two children decide it will be a good idea to take the dog up to the second floor of the playhouse.  Dog who does not go up stairs, except the few between the door and the yard, they take her up a tiny ladder that my adult frame can barely maneuver.  And when it’s time to go to the zoo and the library I learn of their scheme and now they can’t get her down.  Of course.  So I must wrestle 50 pound beast, her body stiff but trembling, my blood pressure rising by the moment.  And my flesh breaks loose.  I restrain my volume, but my displeasure is clear, and Satan has triumphed in the moment.

And the image is funny to me now; the wrestling of the dog, and wondering how they got her up there in the first place.  And how excited they surely were at their plan.

But we raise them to mature and to think rationally and then they catch me completely off guard with something so ridiculous.  And I know it’s what I do too.  With words, with money, with impulsive decisions….I do ridiculous things.

So how do we beat him at his game?  Satan, this enemy of our souls, that wears us down and then knocks us off our feet.  Prayer.  Grace.  Second chances.

Right now I am hiding in husband’s office.  Typing out my frustrations, my heart.  The blood pressure has returned to (almost) normal.  We will try again.  We still have an afternoon before us before we have to go to ballet.  The girls and I, we will hug one another and laugh, and trust the Lord to redeem this day.

And, hopefully, we’ll learn never to take the dog up to the second floor of the playhouse again.  😉


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