“Instead of filling with expectations, the joy-filled expect nothing – and are filled.”

Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

I read her book, highlighting like crazy the words that speak to me.  I confess, I was slow to take to it.  Why do I feel bad admitting that?  I have loved Ann’s words for years now, but it took a few chapters for me to sink into the book.  Perhaps it was just where I was at when I started and where I’m at now.  Life changes how we view things.  So much truth, so much grace spill out on the pages and I am reminded, brought back to the center of things I have learned, grace I’ve experienced.  I am reminded “without expectations, what can topple the surprising wonder of the moment?”

It is when I raise my expectations, demand something of God, of life, that I become frustrated, angry, impatient. But when I realize my right position, that I deserve none of it, then it truly is all grace and all a gift and every moment is open to wonder and how can I not give thanks?


1117.  discussions of Haiti

Geese on the still-frozen pond

1118.  him willing to lead, serve, sacrifice there

1119.  open windows, doors

Warm enough we were out in short sleeves, but the water remained frozen.

1120.  a break from school to enjoy a warm day in February

1121.  zoo animals also eager to enjoy sunshine

1122.  open sunroof

1123.  6:20 p.m. and still so light out

1124.  birds flying north, sign of spring

1125.  giant pearl moon hung on blue sky

The male lion was going to town on his tail!

1126.  allergies in February

1127.  still thinking of that dog on the second floor of the play house

1128.  adoption applications

1129.  phone calls that mean I’m actually doing something toward bringing her home

May your day be filled with unexpected joy!

~ Sara


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