Gratitude on a Tuesday

When I was young, I always wanted a sister.  Someone I could play with, confide in, share clothes and secrets and life with.  For whatever reason, that wasn’t the Lord’s will for me.

But I was elated at the sonogram with our second pregnancy to find out that our oldest daughter would have a sister.  And I was excited again at our third….and our fourth!  (Okay, the fourth was a little anti-climactic, but I was still happy to confirm what we already assumed.  🙂 )

As I sat between all of them at church on Sunday, I thanked the Lord for the gift they are to each other and to me.  I am thankful that they have each other and that, for the most part, they enjoy one another.  It is a delight to watch them help each other, encourage each other, and even tease each other with jokes that are funny only to the six of us.  And I am thankful they have each other to learn how to live life together, living with someone who knows you well…good and bad.

I pray that as the years go by, they will be able to see the gift they have in each other, to see how richly God has blessed each of them.

I was out of the house all day yesterday, so I’m joining in a day late with the counting of the endless gifts with the Gratitude Community….

1143.  sisters for my girls

1144.  dinner with friends

1145.  Exchange City finally here

1146.  confiding in my beloved

1147.  knowing her birthdate

1148.  days that aren’t perfect

1149.  second-born playing piano lovely

1150.  watching her try to teach the youngest

May we all seek the gifts He gives each day ~

~ Sara


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