Today, at an orphanage in Haiti, our littlest girl turned four.  When the Lord put her in our hearts, we wondered how much we would ever know about her.  So much of her story was a mystery to us.  So much of her story still is a mystery to us.  But we now know more of why and when she came to the orphanage.  And we know her birth date.  A date so significant to a child, but so taken for granted by us, I’m sure I cannot fully comprehend the importance.

So today she has been bathed in extra prayer and tonight we will celebrate here with Haitian style rice and beans and beyen.  (I truly have no idea how authentic either of these dishes are but, then again, neither does anyone else in our house.  😉 )  And, Lord willing, for her this will be one of only a few birthdays spent without a family to celebrate it with her.

1151.  girls playing basketball after dinner

1152.  days of soul renewing sunshine

1153.  clean front yard

1154.  clean truck

1155.  food, fellowship, and long laughter with friends

1156.  looking forward to gathering

1157.  tripping over yesterday’s flip flops while snow falls outside

1158.  dog joyfully, playfully chasing snowflakes

1159.  grocery shopping done early and under budget

1160.  countless ways the oldest is like her father

1161.  7:30 p.m. and still light out

1162.  new KU shirt

1163.  girls always so excited for the hand-me-downs

1164.  park to ourselves

1165.  feeling WARM!

1166.  sisters outside blowing bubbles

1167.  ballet watch week

1168.  oldest really dancing en pointe!

1169.  prayers of a five year old

1170.  soft curls falling across her face

1171.  outpouring of love gifts

1172. photos of our daughter

1173.  words that bless

1174.  last day of winter

1175.  first day of spring

1176.  Christian birthdays

1177.  allergies that leave me flat on the couch but remind me winter has passed

1178.  a birthday celebration for a little one far away

May your week be filled with the good gifts He gives.  May you delight in His love!

~ Sara


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