When You’re Feeling Small and Insignificant

The emotions swirled this weekend and they all ran strong.  My head swam with thoughts and goals and fears and plans.  And even today everything spins and feels off-kilter, and I, I feel small and insignificant.

In a life where most of my days are spent on the mundane and the unseen (unless, of course, I fail to do it….then it’s very seen!), where every day looks much the same and it’s not hard for the Enemy to plant seeds that what I do does not matter, I am thankful for journals and blogs and gratitude lists that remind me that my Jesus, the God of the Universe, cares and sees and knows.  And He loves me.  And He delights in me.

And the wonderful part is, He’s just as crazy in love with you.

1278.  joyful gift giving

1279.  pierced ears

1280.  new curls

1281.  popsicles on hot days

1282.  air conditioning

1283.  a job for a dear friend

1284.  a gift for our daughter far away

1285.  school books ordered

1286.  holiday weekends

1287.  family

1288.  friends

1289.  freedom

1290.  a quiet day to catch up

1291.  free food for faux cows

1292.  girlfriends over to play

1293.  a weekend full of Haiti

1294.  meeting Daniel and Nicole

1295.  ice cream social

1296.  24 children sponsored

1297.  a text at just the right time

1298.  remembering His faithfulness

I pray that this week you would  know your worth and that you are loved desperately, madly by the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He died to make you His own.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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