I’ve been so hit and miss lately and so much has been happening, this seems like a good week for catching up.  First, always first, giving thanks for the good gifts and the hard gifts He has given over the past few weeks.  He is faithful, even when I am not.  This is inconceivable grace.

1373.  hard runs that are cheap therapy

1374.  long talks

1375.  13.7 miles on my own

1376.  fm radio on the iPod

1377.  “putty” golfing

1378.  twelve hours of sleep

1379.  head lice

1380.  forced change of plans

1381.  perspective

1382.  calm

1383.  an offer!

1384.  a contract

1385.  a sold sign

1386.  eleven “easy” miles

1387.  Row House with friends

1388.  home again on Sunday morning

1389.  counting gifts even when the heart grumbles

1390.  nine year old playing piano

1391.  last long run – done!

1392.  date night

1393.  second place at her second horse show

1394.  face down before the Lord

1395.  a God who hears

1396.  a sick one sleeping soundly

1397.  gold leaves on wet black pavement

1398.  sky – amazing shades of blue

1399.  moon – bright and clear

1400.  race training finished

1401.  four clean heads

1402.  hearing that still, small voice as I pray

1403.  confessing I have made an idol out of something good

1404.  another adoption hoop jumped through

1405.  race day

1406.  missing the mark

1407.  knowing I can try again

Hoping your week begins and ends with a heart full of thanks.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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