Adoption Update

With as hectic as life has been lately, I have neglected posting about our adoption progress.

On September 1 we received word that our dossier had been received by the agency.  On September 26 we learned that our dossier had passed review and was being sent on to translation.  On October 13 we were notified that our dossier had been received back from the interpreter, was being reassembled, and would be sent off next for legalization by/at the Consulate (I’m not sure if this is a person or an agency…I should ask more questions).  The dossier department is hopeful to have it back within a week or two.  On October 14 Matt and I took a “date” to USCIS for fingerprinting.  We had been given the impression this was a very intimidating process, but we were in and out in twelve minutes and the gentlemen who did our prints were very pleasant.  We left thinking we must have missed something because it was so painless!

One of the most exciting things that has transpired in the past month was getting a contract on Amania’s house!  I almost threw a party in my SUV when I pulled up and saw this:

We are hoping to close by the end of the month, deo volente.

That’s the scoop for now.  Hopefully we’ll have more good news soon!

~ Sara


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