Time and Balance Tuesday – Five Reasons I Love My Smart Phone

Well, I think I promised this post a few weeks back, but October has been dubbed “the month that got away”, so here we go trying to start again.

Late this last summer, I traded in my Blackberry for a gently used iPhone and my Mac product brainwashing was complete.  I’m a big fan of my phone.  I have found several apps that have simplified my life and allowed me – an avowed “paper person” – to go virtually paperless.  Here are some of my favorite apps; maybe they will help you too:

  • iCal – if you have an iPhone, this is obviously not an app you have to go out and download, it comes with the phone.  I have found it to be so easy to use that, like I said above, I have completely eliminated the paper planner that has been a part of my life since 9th grade. (<—– NERD!)
  • Seize the Day – once I realized I could go paperless with my calendar, I wanted to find a task list for my phone to see if I could go paperless there too.  I found Seize the Day, a free app that works really well and clicking the check box when I finish something is almost as much fun as crossing it off on paper.  And rescheduling is much better than rewriting several items to the next day on paper.  Two thumbs up.
  • Calengoo – since I spent a fair amount of time creating a workable school schedule for us this year, with actual times for actual classes, I wanted to find a program that would alert me when it was time for someone to move on to the next class without me constantly referring to a spreadsheet at the back of my clipboard.  Calengoo will do exactly that.  One could also put their daily calendar and task lists on this app as well, but I don’t want my personal calendar cluttered with school stuff and I don’t want our school calendar cluttered with our personal stuff and my to do list, so I have opted to use this app exclusively for school.  Again, two thumbs up.
  • iPeriod Free – this one is just for the ladies….the name pretty well sums up what you’re going to do with this app.  I’ve had this app on my iPad for over a year and now it’s on my phone.  Very easy to use and accurate.  You can chart your cycles up to a year ahead, which can be helpful if you’re planning a get away or just want to know what to expect when.
  • Local library app – this one is just for folks where live here locally….with this handy little app I can now easily check the library catalog for a book or author we are interested in and reserve the book from my phone.  Even better, I can check what books are due when without entering that ridiculously long card number on the website and renew them if necessary.  Hopefully this will help with our occasional run-ins with the overdue fees.

There you go – my five favorite apps for the iPhone.  How do you use technology to simplify your life?

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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