Listing His Graces

I sit here on the cold living room floor, iMac hardwired to the internet as Carbonite continues to work its magic and restore my hard drive.  And while files find their proper places again, the gifts they keep coming and I keep counting.  In this season of gifts and giving, what better way to celebrate the ultimate Gift than by counting the daily gifts and graces He gives?

1461.  sewing projects that just won’t go right

1462.  morning devotions

1463.  crashed hard drive

1464.  (hopefully) backed up files

1465.  appointment at the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince

1466.  Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb

1467.  old friends far away who help me troubleshoot my Mac

1468.  new friends nearby who help me fix it

1469.  iPhone and iPad that keep me connected and productive

1470.  curtain project finished!

1471.  cookie baking

1472.  six free gift tickets to watch our favorite college team play basketball

1473.  files being restored

1474.  Elf

1475.  decorating the tree with girls that are old enough to actually be helpful

1476.  exterior Christmas lights, an annual love gift from my beloved

May your eyes be opened this week to His gifts.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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