Tuesday Night Musings

So, I had such great plans of keeping this week’s posts focused on Christmas and preparing our hearts, but life, well, it’s life and it does it’s own thing sometimes.

Instead, tonight I’m sitting here typing as I watch The Polar Express with the girls, trying to piece together a cohesive thought after two short nights of sleep.

Apparently this is the month for the Lord to work on my electronic dependencies since the iMac crashed at the beginning of the month and then last night, while trying to upgrade the OS on my iPhone, it crashed too. I bought the software to upgrade my Mac from Leopard to Snow Leopard and then Lion but, in spite of how easy everyone says it is, I’m genuinely afraid to do it with the way things have been going. Matt has made me promise not to even try until after Christmas for fear of the fallout if it goes wrong.

Today we did a full-on purge of Chandler and Ellie’s room. They also rearranged their furniture and Grace and Ellie swapped desks. I’m not sure what will become of all of Ellie’s belongings, as they were simply boxed up and put in a storage area for her to “earn back” as she shows responsibility with what was left for her. Truly most of it probably needs to just go in the trash.

In other news, I feel like I need to make a confession….I quit using the home made laundry soap. 😮 I really did like it and especially enjoyed the savings, but began noticing early this year that our exercise clothes had the horrible stench of perma-sweat. I tried a variety of methods for getting the odor out and even went so far as to just throw away two or three items that seemed to be beyond restoration. I added in Febreze Sport and that made a huge difference, but still I had some odor. So, I decided to try All Free & Clear. Our odor problems are over. Sadly, so is my love affair with home made soap. 😦

I think that’s it for me tonight. Maybe in the morning I’ll be feeling more reflective. 😉

For His Glory ~
~ Sara


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