The Little Things

As I sit here on this Monday morning, still shaken from an awful dream that seemed to last all night, only to wake and find that for a family not far away that nightmare is their reality today, my heart is heavy but full of gratitude to the Giver of Life for the simple gift of being here with those I love most.  We are but a vapor and I don’t want to take these moments for granted.

2063.  groceries bought

2064.  cabinet cleaned out

2065.  brilliant, almost-full moon shining in through the window

2066.  quiet time devotions that speak to me exactly where I am

2067.  hope this morning

2068.  a good five mile run

2069.  glorious almost-blue moon setting

2070.  breath-taking pink-orange sunrise

2071.  good conversation with a friend who prays with me

2072.  sleeping in just a little

2073.  rain falling

2074.  three-day weekend

2075.  one last trip to the pool

2076.  celebrating the Book of James with some Orange Leaf

2077.  an extra day to get ahead for the week

2078.  the book of Hebrews

2079.  dinner with the in-laws

2080.  a Tuesday that feels like a Monday – long, but still good

2081.  lightening my load a bit and praying over the schedule

2082.  a Hundred Day Cough for two of the girls (now three)

2083.  “metaphorphosis” – the six year old acting it out while she reads it aloud

2084.  a presidential signature and being one step closer to having her home

2085.  being hope-full

2086.  a really good day; still long, but good

2087.  school finished, graded, and ready for next week

2088.  whole house clean

2089.  nutritious dinner prepared and served

2090.  two sick children getting two good nights of rest

2091.  a passport application for the oldest

2092.  quiet, rainy days

2093.  more cleaning and organizing finished

2094.  First Friday Artwalk with the family

2095.  a good Saturday

2096.  birthday dinner out with my favorite

2097.  another year of life

2098.  birthday greetings from so many – the joy of Facebook

2099.  a family that loves me and  a husband who makes every day feel like my birthday

2100.  open windows

2101.  groceries bought – two SUV loads full

2102.   the gift of an evening free

2103.  youngest child’s first gymnastics class

2104.  endless grace

2105.  news from a far land – we are out of IBESR!

2106.  knowing I don’t have to get up as early in the morning

2107.  words to comfort, encourage, bless

2108.  a beautiful day of rain, candles, open windows, and school books

2109.  a couple of hours out alone – even if it’s for a mandatory meeting

2110.  a rooster crowing outside my window in early morning dark – a reminder of Haiti

2111.  long run finished for the week

2112.  projects completed

2113.  time as a family – laughing, playing cards

2114.  life with those I love

2115.  time to spend with them

May we all remember this week to give thanks for those we are so inclined to take for granted and keep our eyes open for the little things.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara


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