Right now I wish I was sitting on a Haitian porch, covered in a fine layer of dirt mixed with sweat, nuzzling a head full of fuzzy black hair, watching kids play soccer.

I miss my baby.  I miss Haiti.  And it’s obscenely cold here right now, so 90* sounds awesome.

Seriously, though, today my heart and my mind went somewhere they’ve never gone before.  I actually pictured Amania in our home, in our family, living life with us.  I’m not one often given to daydreams or fantasy and her being here has always been some far-off, abstract concept, so I have just never given a lot of thought to what that would look like.  But today, in my  mind, she was here – in my SUV, running up our back stairs, doing school with us, playing Legos, eating dinner with us, sitting in my lap.  And it was beautiful.  And it will be hard I know, but to no longer have someone missing, to no longer have part of my heart so far away, to all be here to live life together….that sounds awesome.

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For His Glory ~



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