Day after day, she lives in shadows.  Clouds hang overhead with glimpses of sunshine to break the monotony.  And there is no reason for the lingering dark, but it hangs on just the same.  She says nothing about the darkness because there’s no explaining the clouds when all the world sees is a beautiful springtime.  And where is God who seems to stay so distant, so far off?  He reigns regardless of the rain.  And it is He who makes the sun to shine that also sends the clouds, and these dark, quiet seasons cause growth yet unseen.  And the hope of relief comes through a friend reaching out and just that glimmer of hope causes the sun to shine a bit brighter through the shadows and she follows hard after God, trusting Him for grace for each moment, mercy for each day, and hope that is an anchor.

2648.  choosing joy, peace

2649.  knowing feeling follows action

2650.  listening for God’s gentle whisper

2651.  meeting a long time Facebook friend in real life

2652.  beautiful summer night, Mexican food, a patio, and a friend

2653.  house starting to feel like home

2654.  gift of seeking God in the dark

2655.  closeness

2656.  vehicle running again

2657.  a lighter heart

2658.  another room organized and unpacked

2659.  fourteen years of marriage

2660.  long, relaxing weekends

2661.  giant elephant ears and red hibiscus

2662.  Monday and a new week

May His light fill all your dark places and may His hope give an anchor to your wandering heart.

For His Glory ~



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