2014: Week in Review {Week 5}

So, as I’ve mentioned before, last week was not a banner week.  BUT we made it to the weekend and on to the start of a new week.

Friday, while the girls were at my mom’s, I spent part of the day purging boxes in our storage room.  My sentimental saver/hoarder tendencies do me no favors in this house, so the efforts to minimize continue.  I went through probably 8 or 9 boxes or tubs of papers and misc stuff…..wedding magazines and catalogs and planners, old photos, yearbooks, old college and high school papers and assignments.  I managed to cull out four file boxes of paper to shred, burn, or toss, and everything else found a home NOT in a box.  Progress.

As I was sorting, I realized a few things about myself….First, I must have some kind of sickness when I think about some of the stuff we have moved to four different houses (bridal magazines from 1999? Why???).  Also, I miss my old Franklin Covey planner.  And I used to have pretty nice handwriting.  I do not miss the bulk and weight of my old Franklin Covey planner, though.  Also, my to do lists used to be much shorter but were still very ambitious, all things considered.  (Three babies under three anyone?  Or four, five and under?)  Lastly, part of me misses college and I think I realized why….first, I love learning and love the classroom environment.  Second, my major required a lot of writing papers and I loved that.  It was fun to sort back through some of them and remember things I totally forgot ever doing.  And the positive affirmation received on said papers was always nice too.  That said, I have no idea how I could ever go back to college now.  I’m pretty sure I would have to give up sleeping entirely.  I know lots of busy moms and dads do it and my hat goes off to you all.  You’re amazing.

Saturday we took the girls to see Frozen (finally).  Can I be honest here?  It was really cute and well done and a great story, but I’m not entirely sure it was as a-mazing as everyone made it out to be.  Just sayin’.

The highlight of the weekend came Sunday afternoon (no, not the Super Bowl) when Amania asked to pray to receive Jesus as her Savior.  What a gift and blessing to have her not only in our earthly forever family, but also our eternal one!  We are thankful to have had the opportunity to pray with each of our daughters as they each made that decision.

As we go into a new week, I want to keep the habit of counting the gifts.  What a blessing to start a week recalling the Lord’s goodness (especially as one child sits in the room down the hall weeping over her penmanship papers)….


2865.  gentle, loving, ever-present God

2866.  hot coffee on cold mornings

2867.  blanket, Bible, and quietness

2868.  coffee (clearly, I’m very thankful for this nectar of the gods)

2869.  sleeping til 8 am on a Saturday

2870.  fresh snow

2871.  boxes of papers purged

2872.  backseat confessions (of the humorous sort)

2873.  laughing hard

2874.  February on the calendar

2875.  Sunday rest

2876.  fifth daughter sealed by God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness

For His Glory ~



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