Dreams Fulfilled

Four years now she’s watched and tagged along as older sisters came and went each week, disappearing into a cloud of pink and lavender and green.  They would slip on pink slippers and leotards of pink or purple or black.  Once a year they brought home delightful costumes and she would twirl around in them for months to come.  Four years she’s waited for her day, her turn, to enter this world of pink fluff.

On Thursday her time finally arrived.  Countless times she reminded me, “Today’s my first day of ballet!”  At noon she asked if she could get ready; class didn’t start until 4:30.  Excited doesn’t describe her emotions.  She nearly floated into the studio, not needing me to walk her.  She’d seen this walk countless times, she knew exactly what to do.

Another ballerina has been born in our family.

And I give thanks for another ballerina, more pink fluff and ballet slippers, and all that these girls are to us.  I give thanks for all this and more….

0778.  new storm door

0779.  foregoing grocery shopping for an hour at the park

0780.  little girl hair cuts

0781.  going to God when you feel mistreated

0782.  birthday wishes and greetings

0783.  early mornings with my Beloved

0784.  coffee from a friend

0785.  thoughts put into words

0786.  wondering what God is doing

0787.  33 years

0788.  another ballerina

0789.  humbling

0790.  time to finally relax and have fun with my girls

0791.  small group prayer time

Reflecting – This Week in Review

It’s Friday night. I lay in my bed listening to the thunderstorm pass over us. Girls are tucked in tight. Beloved is celebrating with another soon-to-be brother-in-law. The week was good, but exhausting; fulfilling but sometimes overwhelming.

Friends from St. Louis visited over the Labor Day weekend. We laughed and ate and got food poisoning and laughed and took it easy on some of the eating. We went to our first Royals game of the season, and the first “real” baseball game for some of the children with us. It was a perfect day and a great time. First time I’ve been to a game they won! 🙂

Tuesday was back to real life and we met with tears and frustration over school. One downside of home education, I’ve decided, is that there’s no fear of public humiliation, so we just have tears whenever. I could do without that part.

Wednesday was my day to cry. We were leaving my sister-in-law’s house and turned out of her neighborhood, apparently into the middle of a school zone. I saw the school zone sign, hit my brakes, and then saw the officer with the radar gun. He pulled me over and I told him my sad story, but to no avail. He was nice enough about it, but he still gave me a ticket.  I’ve deserved every ticket I’ve ever gotten, and probably quite a few that I didn’t, but I honestly felt this one was unjust. It was an honest mistake on my part. But what do you do about it? I bawled like a baby all the way home. 😦

Thursday I was spoiled by family and friends as I celebrated my 33rd birthday. It was rainy but wonderful. I am so blessed.

Today we loaded up to check out the new American Girl store in Kansas City. It was a fun treat; an afternoon spent with friends and just enjoying all things girlie.

And tonight I did what I’ve been wanting to do all week. I ignored the mess that is certain parts of my house, sat down on the couch, and relaxed with my girls. It was good.

There were moments this week I wasn’t sure I’d make it through. And others I wish could go on and on. But isn’t that life? And you just have to push through the bad and savor every moment of the good.

Praying you have a weekend full of moments to savor!
~ Sara

Why I Must Count Them

We file in to royal blue stadium seats, high up in the nosebleed section, calves burning from the climb.  Hours of labor traded for hours of relaxed enjoyment:  tickets bought for us and friends; a perfect Sunday afternoon to spend at the ball park.

Third inning and my Beloved hikes down to the concession stands.  Nachos and sodas, a pretzel, and a hot dog; arms heavy laden with traditional treats for the family.  Unable to keep it all straight, he brings the hot dog for ketchup-only child prepared for ketchup-mustard-relish child.  Ketchup-only wails.  Baseball fans around us move to empty seats a little higher up or out.  I set aside my nachos and my pride and haul out ketchup-only for a pep talk.  I remind her of her father’s gift to her today – an afternoon out, instead of naps; a treat; good gifts.  She sobers and remembers.  This day is a gift, even the mustard and relish.

We return to way-high seats.  We settle in.  She looks at her Daddy and says, thank you.

And so I too must count daily – because I get too hung up on the parts I don’t care for and miss the fact that everything is a gift from the Heavenly Father.  Daily counting, and weekly sharing, reminds me that everything is for His glory.  And my good.  Because He is good.

0761.  NeilMed sinus rinse

0762.  out of town guests coming

0763.  motivation to finish projects

0764.  dinner with seven young ladies

0765.  back yard triathlons

0766.  easy school days

0767.  a clean house

0768.  folded laundry

0769.  getting out for twenty minutes

0770.  clean sheets

0771.  Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

0772.  friends from out of town

0773.  a night in Lawrence and a real-life interaction with Coach Bill Self

0774.  Royals baseball win

0775.  a beautiful day

0776.  last day at the North pool

0777.  the encouragement to count these gifts

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power.

~ Hebrews 1:3a

Week in Review

It’s been a normal week, nothing extraordinary.  Sometimes the normal weeks are just what we need.  School rolled along quite nicely, except for Thursday, which we’ll chalk up to Mama not being able to tame her own attitude.  😉  The weather is fabulous, except for Thursday, which was too cloudy.  (Maybe that at least partly explains the crabby disposition???)

Tonight we went on a long over due family bike ride.  It was good soul therapy for all of us.  Between the heat of summer and Matt’s endless nights of painting, we needed some quality family time.  We stopped for a picnic dinner under the bell tower…

…and had a great night overall.

I want to let you know that posting may be a little sporadic for the next few weeks.  I need to organize my thoughts into words for a group of moms who want encouragement in how to balance their time and commitments and one of Matt’s sisters is getting married, both events within the next two weeks.  It will be a good kind of busy around here, but I may have to prioritize some other things.  I have made a personal challenge to myself to post five days a week.  It seems the writing comes easier if I do it daily.   But I have to practice what I’m going to preach and recognize the limits on my time.  I’ll definitely be here to count blessings and to do my weekly review.  Thank you for checking in often and being patient if I go off the radar for a short time.

May your weekend be filled with wonder and joy!

~ Sara


Thank you so much to all of you that commented or emailed me following yesterday’s post.  There are some posts that are frightening to put out there, posts that come from deep within a wounded heart and reveal the inner workings of the soul.  I was moved to tears multiple times by your sweet words and encouragement.  I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and encouraging readers.

It’s a little bizarre to post about something as intensely personal as “family planning”.  I often wonder if ten years from now we will look back on the world of blogging and shake our heads at some of the things we shared with the world.  But this is in many ways a journal of our life (a very public journal) that I pray daily the Lord will use to encourage those who stop and read, and the decision to have more children or not or when or how is very much a part of our lives.  I pray about it constantly.  One would have to know my husband’s background and the worldview that we entered marriage with to fully understand how complex this decision is for us and that it is one that may never be fully settled until God settles it naturally.

In any case, thank you, for your kindness.

I love this quote that a friend posted on Facebook yesterday ~

May this be your experience; may you feel the Hand which inflicts the wound supplies the balm, and that He who has emptied your heart has filled the void with Himself. ~ Hudson Taylor

We all have a variety of voids; lacking a son is only one of many in my life.  I can truly say that the One who has emptied my heart time and again is faithful to fill it with Himself.  Only He can truly satisfy.

By His Grace ~

~ Sara