…I am completely captivated by the stories of the Chilean miners and still dealing with the fall out of my purse being stolen, so here are some photos of our family trip to the pumpkin patch for our church’s fall festival.  Enjoy and have a wonderful, wonderful Wednesday!

Jumping on some giant inflated thing

I totally wished they would have let grown ups on!

Making "corn angels"

Farmer Matt

One of Matt's most popular things to do with the kids - the Twisted Swing

The Bookends


She's so pretty - but I might be biased

Really wishing I had made her set down that cup

She had a run-in with a piece of firewood while we were camping, thus the roughed up chin


I’ll leave with this quote my cousin shared today on Facebook:

“There are actually 34 of us, because God has never left us down here.”

~ Jimmy Sanchez, Chilean miner

May we all have such faith in our day to day troubles.


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