Sometimes you just have to do something different….

I love routine.  I thrive on it, in fact.  Knowing what to expect and when – it is freedom within safe boundaries.  The kids seem to appreciate it, too.  But sometimes, the routine can start to feel like an obligation and I can start to resent it and find myself bucking underneath it.  Perhaps it is a character flaw within me, perhaps it is that youngest child syndrome I still struggle with, but take something I love and *require* me to do it, and all of a sudden I’m not such a big fan.

We have been at school for two and one half months now.  Life has interrupted a couple of times, but we are on schedule and plowing through.  And we all seem to have hit a wall.  Like we just can’t go one.step.further.  They seem to need a break.  I definitely need a break.

But then there’s my schedule.  All those lesson plans I entered…planned days off, all other days on….they wag their finger at me if I don’t stick to them religiously.

But then I have to remember why we start school in July, when it’s a million degrees outside and we don’t even want to go swimming anymore.  It’s so that we can enjoy these days, the days when it’s 72 and sunny and the leaves are turning perfect colors.  Because all too soon it will be cold and dreary and gray and we’ll be back to daily sitting at the dining room table plowing our way through textbooks and activity pages.

I also have to remember why we home school.  It is for more than just the education.  It is for hearts and relationships and time together.  And when we’re all so fried from the day to day, we can miss the bigger picture.

So, today we finished up some stuff we started and then put it all away.  The girls worked on their ocean boxes for a science class and I vacuumed floors.  And I think I’m going to re-evaluate next week’s schedule.  It’s supposed to be spectacular outside again and I don’t want to miss it.  There will still be school, but some of it may just have to wait for colder, rainy weather when we have nothing better to do than workbook pages.

What about you?  What do you do when you need a break from the routine?


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to do something different….

  1. I did Rod and Staff for 12 years, and 40-thousand other various curricula simultaneously. And, I walked up the stairs both ways to do school. Just think, if you don’t give up, our kids will have stories like me.

  2. I don’t have kids, but I find a hike in the woods or stroll around a lake ALWAYS helps. Doing something creative – somethings artsy, or baking or sewing or redecorating a room always cheers me too and helps me get back to the slog of writing/working. 🙂

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