Something (Kind of) Different

It is Monday, the day when I typically count the gifts, and the gifts to count are plenty. But today I’m going to change things up a bit. March was such a whirlwind with so little time to journal our daily lives, I want to do that tonight. Plus, my gratitude journal is downstairs, and i just don’t want to get up to go get it. 😉 My regular counting of the gifts should resume next week.

So, something clicked our lives into overdrive as soon as we turned the calendar page to March last month. I am thankful for all the distractions that have helped the past few weeks pass so quickly, but I am more ready than ever for the “lazy days” of summer! (That term being completely relative, of course!)

March brought us field trips like Exchange City in Kansas City and week long Starbase put on by the Department of Defense. Then we had Grace’s fine arts competition and last week we made it through three days of standardized testing. It brought us glimpses of spring and extra doses of winter. It brought us the birthday of our little girls in Haiti. We carried on with ballet and horseback riding and church and small group. Matt attended meetings to learn how we can better support the orphanage in Haiti and the girls and I got four weeks closer to the end of the school year.

And here we are in April already. Saturday all of us went to one of our new favorite mexican restaurants and then did some shopping at one of our favorite outdoor malls. Last night, we watched some wicked thunderstorms roll through and we marveled at God’s greatness. Today I reported for jury duty. It was an interesting experience and one day I wouldn’t mind serving on a jury, but this would be a very difficult time of life to sit in a courtroom for several days. I was very thankful to finally be sent home after being there for close to seven hours.

I feel somewhat caught up now. I’m sorry there aren’t any photos to make this post more interesting. :-). This is the part of my blog that is mostly for me and those that are interested in our daily goings on; these posts of our day-to-day existence are my journal of our daily lives in this season.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Keep your eyes open for Hid grace and good gifts!
~ Sara


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