Grateful Monday

I’ll be honest, it’s been a day.  A Monday.  I likely should have practiced what I’ve preached and started my day with the giving of thanks.  Perhaps pausing in this moment will redirect my thoughts as we go into the evening hours.

In Streams recently I read…

Our praise will bring forth “water…in the wilderness and streams in the desert” (Isaiah 35:6), while complaining will only bring judgment.  Even prayer by itself may fail to reach the fountain of blessings.

Nothing pleases the Lord as much as praise.  There is no greater evidence of faith than the virtue of genuine thanksgiving.  Are you praising God enough?  Are you thanking Him for the countless blessings He has bestowed on you?  Are you boldly praising Him even for the trials in your life, which are actually blessings in disguise?  And have you learned to praise Him in advance for answers yet to come?

~ Streams in the Desert, May 26

Am I praising Him for Mondays and head aches and irritations?  Am I praising Him for phone calls and paperwork and bills?  I will praise Him for these things and for the promise of a new day and renewed minds, for provision, for grace, and for meeting every.single.need.  He is faithful and He is worthy of my praise.


1238.  girls playing in rain

1239.  youngest riding a bicycle

1240.  sleeping in (just a bit) on a Thursday

1241.  celebrations and graduations

1242.  interrupted date night

1243.  incredible hail

1244.  time on the porch

1245.  trust, faith

1246.  a perfect day for painting

1247.  support from friends

1248.  being dinner guests

1249.  no tears at swim lessons

1250.  whole house clean

1251.  finishing a book

1252.  last training run

1253.  Hospital Hill 10k!

1254.  a great friend to run it with

1255.  denim that’s worth a little extra

1256.  summer Saturdays

1257.  annual Spring Fling

1258.  Mondays

May you find the countless blessings He has given you today ~

~ Sara


One thought on “Grateful Monday

  1. I love your quote, “The days are long and the years short”! Boy that is soo true! Thank you for your list and pushing through to take a moment to “praise Him in the midst”! My youngest rode his bike without training wheels for the first time this last week as well! God bless!

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