A Return to Routine

It always comes about this time, that antsy feeling, that unspoken longing for schedule, routine, order to our days.  Summer….that glorious time of freedom, sun, water, and play…it takes its toll and our God-given desire for order and productivity begins to cry out.

I love summer.  I love the heat and the endless sunshine.  But I am eager this year for the return of school and routine even if that means the coming on of fall and even winter.  I have come to realize that all these things are (literal) seasons and do not last forever, even if a Kansas winter can find a way to drag into May sometimes.

Tomorrow we begin a new school year.  Two children are begging me to let them start today.  Two more are enjoying their last day to sleep in, in spite of the roofers tearing off shingles above them.  Over the next month activities will come back in on a weekly basis and – amazingly – we will slow down into that steady routine of a school year.  After a wild summer that seemed determined to spin wildly with things to do it will be comforting to know that every week will look more or less the same from now until May.

I am thankful for the past three months.  A family road trip, a house remodeled, swimming pools and lake beaches, our dossier almost complete, and so much more.  And I am thankful for the start of a new school year.  New books, new curriculum, new opportunities.  God is so good and His gifts are endless.


1299.  yard sales

1300.  crazy heat

1301.  support

1302.  God’s protection of the third born.  Again.

1303.  a weekend away

1304.  first date anniversary

1305.  wedding anniversary

1306.  spending life with my best friend

1307.  team planning

1308.  sweet friend who prays over me while we run

1309.  dear women who help clean Amania’s house

1310.  pool time with the littlest

1311.  McDonald’s ice cream cones

1312.  $815

1313.  school entered for the coming year

1314.  relaxing Friday

1315.  Camp Enosh

1316.  Tad’s Tropical Snow

1317.  a sign in the yard

1318.  a whole week of slowing down

1319.  family bike ride

1320. last day of summer break

May your week be full of His good gifts.

For His Glory ~

~ Sara

*photos from a recent family bike ride; please note that we do not typically let our children play in the public fountains, but with the heat index at 109, we made some concessions.  😉


5 thoughts on “A Return to Routine

  1. I was going to say, “Where is that pool, I want to swim”:) Looks like so much fun! Such a fun filled summer but I agree, there definitely is a time to get back into routine. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. counting your joys with you this day… and, yes. there is something wonderful to returning to a steady rhythm (at least for a season 🙂

    May His blessings continue to abound to you & yours :]

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